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Signature Series fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detectors bring advanced sensing technology to a practical design that increases efficiency, saves installation time, cuts costs, and extends property protection capabilities. Continuous self-diagnostics ensure reliability over the long-haul, while the latest thermister technology makes these detectors ideal whereever dependable heat detection is required. With their modular CO sensor, these devices pull double-duty — continually monitoring the environment for heat from combustion, as well as its invisible yet deadly companion, carbon monoxide.

Like all Signature Series detectors, these are intelligent device that gather analog information from their heat and CO sensor (if present), converting this data into digital signals. To make an alarm decision, the detector’s on-board microprocessor measures and analyzes sensor readings and compares this information to historical data. Digital filters remove signal patterns that are not typical of fires, thus virtually eliminating unwanted alarms.

The SIGA2-HCOS is a fixed temperature heat detector that includes an advanced carbon monoxide sensor and daughterboard. When the electrochemical cell reaches its end of life after approximately six years, the detector signals a trouble condition to the control panel. The sensor/daughterboard module is fieldreplaceable

Standard Features

Note: Some features described here may not be supported by all control systems. Check your control panel’s Installation and Operation Guide for details.

  • Fixed temperature or rate-of-rise heat detection with optional carbon monoxide sensor
  • Field-replacable carbon monoxide sensor/daughterboard module
  • Uses existing wiring
  • Automatic device mapping
  • Ground fault detection by module
  • Up to 250 devices per loop
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Electronic addressing
  • Bicolor (green/red) status LED
  • Standard, relay, fault isolator, and audible mounting bases
  • 50 foot (15.2 meter) spacing
  • 15 °F (8 °C) per minute rate-of-rise alarm point (HRS)

  • 135 °F (57 °C) fixed temperature alarm point (HFS/HCOS)

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